Rockstars sleep in…

A typical conversation.

ring…ring (iPhone classic ringtone)

Client: Hi, is this Nono?
Me: yep (slightly irritated since its 11 am and i’m still sleeping)

Client: My name is __________.
I am the CEO of __________… emailed you earlier… I saw your work and I really like it.
Me: _________ , did you see my rate? I want to make sure we are clear on that first. (curtly)

Client: yah, not a problem. I am looking for someone just like you.
My company is in the _______ space and we are creating several apps right now.
I am forming a solid team and we have the best of the best onboard….i think you might be a good fit.
I have not seen many people who gets UX and you do! … I have a revolutionary product that I am pushing to market and we need that polish on our app.
Me: ok (still not interested at this point)…what is your app?

At this point, _________ tells me:
– just how revolutionary his product is
– how they’re absolutely going to rake it in
– how they’re going to change the world
– that they are well funded
– they have the best of the best
– he knows “so and so” and they are partnered with “this and that”
– and that i can be a part of the next google
– how successful he has been
– how __________ can mentor me and give me guidance along my path
Me: ok, when do you want to start? (I managed to sit up by this point).

Client: ok, so right now, we are trying to watch our burn rate yadda yadda,
Would you possibly consider taking some equity or a lowered rate?”

End Call(Dial Tone)

(mental note: put _________ on spam list)

I go back to bed.

Note: this guy is not the worst. Some people call me and start interrogating me as if I called them. They barely make it past their second question.